The Community Development Income Tax Program

Our Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) supports eligible individuals, annually in March and April, to prepare their income tax and benefit returns.

The CVITP was introduced in 1971 as a partnership between the Department of National Revenue and various community organizations, to ensure all taxpayers have equal access to the tax system. The CRA provides training, tax software, and a network of CVITP coordinators across the country, to help community organizations and volunteers deliver the program.

Individuals normally served by the CVITP include:

Indigenous Peoples-Each year, the CRA training addresses the unique tax benefits and requirements that apply to Indigenous Peoples.

Low -Income individuals and social assistances recipients, working families, persons with disabilities, and assistance recipients, make up a large part of those who use the CVITP.

Newcomers to Canada-The CRA actively partners with multicultural organizations that specialize in welcoming newcomers to Canada. The CRA training includes examples specific to the needs of newcomers.

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