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Throughout the year, Warden Woods hosts events and festivals that reflect the vibrant and diverse talents of our community, including Taste of the Woods, Taste of Teesdale, Black History Month, Taste of Ramadan, International Women’s Day, Community Festive Dinner, and more.


News & Upcoming events:


Community Impact Report Card    Mini Micro Loan Programme


Active Boost

Active Boost a project funded by Ontario Trillium Foundations seeks to provide residents with education on the Fundamentals of Nutrition and Basic Movement principles. The aim of the project is to ensure that individuals and families become more engaged in living an active lifestyle, adopting positive behavioral changes into their everyday routine from as little as 20 minute a day to longer as well as changes to nutritional habits to reduce health risks.


Contact Community Development Coordinator at 416-694-1138 ext.165 or
































Multiple Sclerosis Commercials

Save Our Community Centre
Speak OUT! Tell us what the community centre means to you.

Warden Woods Community Centre has been a vital part of the Southwest Scarborough Community for over 40 years. We recently learned that there is a possibility that the Centre could be sold, putting in jeopardy the various programmes and services which will either be relocated or discontinued. In the coming months, we will be pursuing a legal question about the ownership of the property that is our main building and we need your support.


We'd like to hear from you. We're calling on members of the community to voice their support, by signing a petition and clearly stating that they value the Centre, and want the programmes to continue.

                                      1. Online

                                      2. Petition Card at 74 Firvalley reception desk

EM Game at Warden Woods Community Center. An EPOCH mentoring project.

Warden Woods Community Centre Main Office - 74 Firvalley Court, Scarborough, ON M1L 1N9

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