Community Development Programmes

Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership(LIP)

Warden Woods is one of four partners managing The Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (LIP), a multi-agency initiative funded by Citizenship Immigration Canada.  LIP spearheads research, service planning and strategic implementation of newcomer related programmes and services towards creating a coordinated network of service providers able to meet the needs of newcomers in an efficient and effective manner.


Interested in advancing newcomer issues in Scarborough?

Contact Martin, LIP Officer, at 416-691-1138 ext 117 or


Active Boost

Active Boost a project funded by Ontario Trillium Foundations seeks to provide residents with education on the Fundamentals of Nutrition and Basic Movement principles. The aim of the project is to ensure that individuals and families become more engaged in living an active lifestyle, adopting positive behavioral changes into their everyday routine from as little as 20 minute a day to longer as well as changes to nutritional habits to reduce health risks.


Contact Community Development Coordinator at 416-694-1138 ext.165 or


Women’s Recreational Programmmes

Women increase their fitness, skills and self-esteem through a range of recreational programmes.  8-week Zumba and  beginner and advanced sewing classes take place throughout the year.

Contact Lesley, Community Development Assistant at 416-694-1138 ext 124 or


Community Events

Throughout the year, Warden Woods hosts events and festivals that reflect the vibrant and diverse talents of our community, including Taste of the Woods, Taste of Teesdale, Black History Month, Taste of Ramadan, International Women’s Day, Community Festive Dinner, and more.

News & Upcoming events: Micro Loans Programme


Contact Lesley, Community Development Assistant at 416-694-1138 ext 124 or


Income Tax Clinic

Clients have their tax returns prepared for free.  By appointment.  March and April only.

Contact Barbara, Community Development Worker at 416-694-1138 ext 164 or


Resource Access Centre

Computer available for job search and research.  Fax, phone and photocopy available for a fee.

Location: 74 Firvalley Court or 40 Teesdale Place(Teesdale Community Centre)


Community Advisory Group

Looking for a forum to voice the needs and issues of the local community?  Consider joining the Warden Woods Community Advisory Group (CAG).  The CAG members are a diverse group of local residents who ensure that Warden Woods’ programmes and services are effective and relevant.  This group is committed to identifying and mobilizing the strengths within our community to build a better future. Meets monthly. Training workshops provided.


Contact Lesley, Community Development Assistant at 416-694-1138 ext 124 or

Warden Woods Community Centre Main Office - 74 Firvalley Court, Scarborough, ON M1L 1N9

Tel. 416-694-1138  Fax.  416-694-1161 Email.

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